Wayne Wireless Health Initiative (WHI) is a research initiative promoting collaboration on applying wireless and sensor technology to healthcare applications. As a multidisciplinary research team, we leverage the technology push from sensors, wireless communications and cloud computing to feed the application demand of transformative changes and new directions in healthcare. We foresee great opportunities from funding agencies and industries to help us establish a center for wireless health.

Connected health can be defined as the use of Internet, sensing, communications and intelligent techniques in support of health related Applications, Systems and Engineering. Connected health brings together multidisciplinary technologies to provide preventive or remote treatments by utilizing digital heath information structure such as body sensor networks and intelligent techniques such as from Data to Knowledge to Decisions, while at the same time connecting patient and caregivers seamlessly in the loop of the healthcare ecosystem. Future Connected health will be realized by providing rich medical information to each individual through replacing infrequent, clinic-based measurements with unobtrusive, continuous sensing, monitoring and assessment. Connected health technologies will enable preventive health and personalized medicine and may significantly reduce healthcare costs. However, a number of challenges still need to be addressed to enable connected health worldwide.

A blueprint


WHI was founded by Drs. Weisong Shi, Bengt B. Arnetz and Chin-An Tan. It brings together researchers and health care stakeholders, including health care providers, patients, insurance, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies together with expertise in computer sciences, sensors and wireless technologies, electronics, data mining, and bioinformatics. WHI is supported by the Wayne State University’s Office of the Vice President for Research, and a majority of its members are funded by NIH, NSF, as well as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation. More details will coming soon!

November 3, 2011, we had a first meeting bringing cross-campus expertise together focusing on how we can leverage and accelerate WSU already strong performance in the wireless health area. A number of cutting-edge cooperative opportunities emerged. Teams are now being formed. Research and funding opportunities are being identified and shared collectively using a common list serve, and a soon-to-be-hosted web page. There are already plans to respond to an increasing numbers of PAs and FOAs.